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Selling Homes with Feng Shui FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Feng Shui is a series of different methods & systems developed over the last few thousand years. Initially based around agricultural needs, but progressively changed and applied to structures alongside the development of Chinese society. Read more about what Feng Shui is here.

For the love of all that’s good, before you call a real estate agent! Seriously though, the very best time to have sales Feng Shui consultation is before you sign anything, even if you’ve decided on an agent.

Most of the time, people seek out Feng Shui when their property has sat on the market without little to no interest from buyers, and even sometimes from the agent. This creates additional stress in an already stressful situation, and sometimes the first remedy is to take the stale listing off the market and conduct a reset in the Chi.

You see, it’s not just the Feng Shui that helps to sell. Your BaZi Four Pillars astrology and selecting the right dates to take the right actions also have a big impact. I combine all of these disciplines, as well as extensive experience in property sales during the aftermath of 2008/2009’s GFC.

Feng Shui can increase wealth luck by the correct placement of water, design and layout. It can also help the right buyers fall in love with your property. As to above market value, that will depend on other factors, such as presentation, timing and the skill of your realtor or agent.

When the property market is rising like it has been over the last few years, then many sellers can get more than they were asking without Feng Shui. In a falling buyers market however, Feng Shui is the edge to not only getting a good price, but getting it faster. When the housing market drops, a week or two can make a big difference in the final sale price.

Not if you know that the original and ancient forms of Feng Shui were for burial, and ensuring that your future generations were stable and had good luck. As time moved beyond the Neolithic, theories were developed surrounding agriculture, towns and cities, and many of these theories are still in practise today. Due to the cramped living conditions we have compared to even 100 or 200 years ago, much of modern Feng Shui’s focus is on the interior. 

There are many different schools of Feng Shui. Eg the school of form and shape, the 8 wandering stars and the Flying Star school. I personally would categorise Design and Styling as subsets of Feng Shui. Here are some great tips to stage/style your home for sale.

When I arrive, we’ll have a short interview to go over your information for all occupants. I’ll inspect the landforms outside your property, and take a compass reading to determine the orientation. We’ll walk through the interior, taking note of features such as bed placement, computers, stoves, lamps and more. This process can take between 1-2 hours depending on the size of your property. We’ll make a second follow up appointment so we can review your Feng Shui reports.

From this information, I’ll calculate, analyse and prepare reports on my findings based on modern and traditional Feng Shui, as well as your Four Pillars BaZi astrology. We’ll review all of my recommendations together at your second appointment which takes 1-4 hours depending on your needs and how many questions you have.

I will supply you with documentation and a questionnaire to fill in before our first appointment.

In addition, you will need a copy of your floor plan. The floor plan provided by your real estate agent will be fine. A floor plan drawn by an architect or draftsperson is best for accuracy.

If you do not have professionally drawn plans which are to scale, then you can draw it yourself. If you still have trouble, I can measure and draft for an additional fee.

Please don’t bother to tidy or change anything too much. It is better that I have a clear picture of your “before” so we can create a brighter “after” together.

That’s fine, but some space is needed for taking compass measurements, and if you need a floor plan prepared, then it is best if I am able to focus on the task.

This depends on where you are in the selling cycle. If you are right at the beginning, then we can have everything worked out ahead of schedule and give the Feng Shui remedies and recommendations time to ‘settle in’. In this case, you’ll see positive interest in the first week or two of your campaign, and with a good marketing and pricing strategy, you can also expect contract requests or offers.

If you are mid-way through a sales campaign, then you can expect positive results within 3 weeks of installing the recommendations, depending on the dates you signed for and started the campaign.

If you have been on the market for more than 6-8 weeks without interest, then it is best to discuss your current position in conjunction with the Feng Shui to determine the best path forward.

Absolutely, many staging and designers use Feng Shui as part of their process even if it isn’t their speciality. A simple introduction or even an onsite meeting to discuss ideas is all it takes.


How many bedrooms does your home have?

4+ Bedrooms

* Please note that a surcharge applies for homes 3 stories or taller.

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