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Renters and Tenants Feng Shui FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Feng Shui is a series of different methods & systems developed over the last few thousand years. Initially based around agricultural needs, but progressively changed and applied to structures alongside the development of Chinese society. Read more about what Feng Shui is here.

Feng Shui can increase wealth luck by the correct placement of water, design and layout. The increased wealth luck may come in the form of job offers, new clients, unexpected gains and motivational energy. Taking advantage of the opportunities and the increased wealth luck depends on the individual. When building from scratch, Feng Shui can be used to find the most suitable site and building orientation that can lead to great prosperity.

No! There are many different schools of Feng Shui. Eg the school of form and shape, the 8 wandering stars and the Flying Star school. As is generally the case, the simplest to understand and most basic are the most popular with the general public. The “do it yourself “, quick fix methods are generally the most popular but also the least effective.

Since water is responsible for wealth, a water view in the appropriate direction can increase wealth. Conversely, a water view in the wrong direction can be disastrous. There are many instances of houses with beautiful water views that have lead to financial ruin for the occupants.

Yes, Feng Shui benefits environments ranging from studio apartments and large, single-family homes to offices and businesses of all sizes.

When I arrive, we’ll have a short interview to go over your information for all occupants. I’ll inspect the landforms outside your home or business, and take a compass reading to determine the orientation. We’ll walk through the interior, taking note of features such as bed placement, computers, stoves, lamps and more. This process can take between 1-2 hours depending on the size of your property. We’ll make a second follow up appointment so we can review your Feng Shui reports.

From this information, I’ll calculate, analyse and prepare reports on my findings based on modern and traditional Feng Shui, as well as your Four Pillars BaZi astrology. We’ll review all of my recommendations together at your second appointment which takes 1-4 hours depending on your needs and how many questions you have.

That’s like asking a real estate agent ‘when is the best time to sell?’ The answer is always ‘Now’! Seriously though, the very best time to have a Feng Shui consultation is before you start looking for a new place. Think of the saying ‘Location, Location, Location’.

Most of the time, people seek out Feng Shui when they are having a run of unexplainable bad luck and it becomes to hard too take. Of course, my advice is that it’s best to have your Feng Shui done while things are going well for you. A big boost at this time can cancel out any future lows you might have in your BaZi Four Pillars astrology.

Feng Shui, Four Pillars astrology and Date Selection are also applicable to life events – shop openings, wedding dates, selling property, screening new employees and a lot more.

I will supply you with documentation and a questionnaire to fill in before our first appointment.

In addition, you will need a copy of your floor plan. The floor plan provided by your real estate agent or property manager will be fine. A floor plan drawn by an architect or draftsperson is best for accuracy.

If you do not have professionally drawn plans which are to scale, then you can draw it yourself. If you still have trouble, I can measure and draft for an additional fee.

Please don’t bother to tidy or change anything too much. It is better that I have a clear picture of your “before” so we can create a brighter “after” together.

That’s fine, but some space is needed for taking compass measurements, and if you need a floor plan prepared, then it is best if I am able to focus on the task.

This depends on the issues identified and how much action is required to induce a change. Some clients see fast change (less than 24 hours) after the Feng Shui recommendations are applied, however the usual time most people notice is within the 3 weeks to 3 months range. Businesses will usually notice a change in cash-flow quite quickly, whereas health problems will generally take the longest to solve.

Yes. Following your second appointment, we’ll arrange 30 minute catch up calls at 3 weeks, 6 weeks and 9 weeks to track your progress. 

Every year the energy shifts for everyone’s astrology, and for the Feng Shui – nothing in life is static. I offer an Annual Update service for existing clients, and you are very welcome to request being added to the list.


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